As humans we have a profound impact on nature. Nature is good for our health. We have a cohesive relationship with nature. Through my artwork I attempt to celebrate the peacefulness nature offers. We are shaped by our experiences and interactions. Nature has a language, in my paintings I tried to express that language as I read it. Time is required to create a body of artwork to show, now, years later I've created several series of artwork. More meaningful work included 2008 -  a series of painting of the Dumoine River , 2009 -12 I worked collaboratively with several groups in efforts to assist in raising awareness of the Dumoine River through use of my artwork. Although my artistic accomplishments have predominantly focused on nature, it has not been limited too only nature.

Painting and creating is natural to me. I'm always thankful to the people who took the time, shared and inspired, helping me make the paintings I created vibrant and full of life,  a artistic documentation to preserve nature as it was, at that time. Visual narratives to the art of storytelling.
It's not just anywhere, it's someplace.

I have artwork in private, public, corporate, and National collections, including - City Of Ottawa Art Collection, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and Canadian War Museum. Major solo exhibits include - The Hudson Bay Company,  Forêt-la-Blanche Ecological Reserve, Ottawa International Airport and The Canadian Museum of Nature.


                                                I have always had the arts in my life. I expect I have a many years of creating yet to come and look forward my ever evolving style.

 I create because it's what's most natural to me.

A artist, something I don't  know how to unbe.

What does the art the artist created say about the artist...what does the art you choose say about you...there is a difference.

In 2016 -17 the majority of all my artwork was stolen while in Quebec and has not yet been recovered.
My mothers artwork that I own was stolen also, along with personal objects that have significant value.
 This has profoundly impacted my life.

Some of the stolen artwork and objects are registered with External link opens in new tab or windowThe Art Loss Register and also highlighted on this website.




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