Art is a necessity in our lives, it might not be my art on your walls but we all have art in our lives. Look at the way art enriches our lives. Art is important. What does the art the artist created say about the artist...what does the art you choose say about you...there is a difference.

I worked extraordinarily hard to build my career in the arts.

 Time is required to create a body of artwork to show, now, years later I've created several series of artwork. More meaningful work included 2008 -  a series of painting of the Dumoine River , in 2009 I began working collaboratively with several groups to promote some of my work and in efforts to assist in raising awareness of the Dumoine River. Upon completion of that series, my ideas broadened, I began to look for new ways to grow my career and expand my artistic portfolio. Although my artistic accomplishments have predominantly focused on nature, it has not been limited too only nature.

Painting and creating is natural to me. I devoted several years to working on several series of paintings. I'm always thankful to the people who shared their special place with me and help me make the paintings I create vibrant and full of life. It's not just anywhere, it's someplace.

Why are these things important to defining Canadian identity and culture?

My latest work includes conceptual designs verses conceptualized landscape painting.  A different view point. As humans we have a profound impact on nature. Nature is good for our health. We have a cohesive relationship with nature. Through my artwork I attempt to celebrate the peacefulness nature offers while documenting through visual art more environmentally vulnerable areas to promote positive change. We are shaped by our experiences and interactions. Nature has a language, in my paintings I tried to express that language as I read it.

I have artwork in private, public, corporate, and National collections, including - City Of Ottawa Art Collection, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and Canadian War Museum.

Major solo exhibits include - The Hudson Bay Company,  Forêt-la-Blanche Ecological Reserve, Ottawa International Airport and The Canadian Museum of Nature.

 I'm a self taught artist, who had many years of I guess what you would call observative lessons. My mother was a practicing artist who was fortunate enough to paint with  what would be considered accomplished Canadian Artists. From this I developed my own style and vision. I have been practicing in visual arts as a profession since my late 20's. I have always had the arts in my life. I expect I have a many years of creating yet to come and look forward my ever evolving style. My personal interests are hard to separate from my art or how my art is shown, these interests include the environment, inclusion, rights of people with disabilities, human rights, and women's equality. Did you ever wonder why we have to say womens' rights are human rights ?

 I create because it's what is most natural to me, it makes me feel I have contributed in a positive way.

A artist, something I don't  know how to unbe.


 I was born in Kingston Ontario, in the early 1970"s. I'm the daughter of Mary Louise Leach 1945-2003 and  Bill Leach LGen (retired)  CMM CD 1942-2015 . He served over 40 years in the Canadian forces, a Logistician who in 1997 became Chief of Landstaff of the Canadian Forces, making him the only logistician in Canadian History to ever serve as Chief of Landstaff of the Canadian Armed Forces.  He retired from the CF in 2000 at the age of 58. After retirement he transitioned to the private sector, following that he committed himself to volunteerism and being a devoted grandfather and dad. In 2012, at the invitation of the Prime Minister, he became Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Museum of History, encompassing both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum. He proudly served as Chairman of the board of the Museum of Canadian History until 2015.

My parents were most undoubtedly what some would call a yin yang they counter balanced each other. My mom was a child survivor in many respects, a accomplished artist she inspired me to become a artist. Other notables; in 1999 she founded the Canadian Miniature Society for International artists, she was a professional landscape artist as well who also worked as commissioned artist .  She and I were business partners for sometime prior to her passing. Her artwork is in National and International collections, including the Canadian War Museum, Carleton Board of Education, this was probably my introduction to what is called environmental arts, it was a commissioned diarama display about waste management and landfill sites - essentially - garbage, and Royal Canadian Geographical society who awarded her with two grants in 1983 and 84 to travel to Canada's North. She taught me the fundamentals of landscape artistry. Which is good to know when learning about a artist, Who taught me to paint, why did I take a interest in arts, when did this begin, how did these people shape the person and artist I am today.

In 2016 -17 the majority of all my artwork was stolen while in Quebec. My mothers artwork that I own was stolen also, along with personal objects that have significant sentimental value, This has profoundly impacted my life, my perception of the devaluing placed on me as a women, a female artist, a daughter of a female artist and career choices, the devaluing of my mothers life and what she left as her legacy to her immediate family...this has contributed to the artist I am today.
Some of the stolen artwork and objects are registered with The Art Loss Register and also highlighted on this website.

The creation and sale of original artwork is my small business;

It sounds very unartistic when worded that way but for current purposes it important to make that point. Most of my art was stole, so, if its possible for people who have no creativity to understand its food, its clothing...its all those things that cost money, its my living. This type of art theft has very little to do with art. If they had no value why would they steal or destroy them? A question I can't answer, above that - maybe that was your career choice to figure that out- maybe that's your puzzle. That's the non creative point.

somewhere I will never see something you can never get back



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