In 2015 I had discovered someone had infringed my copyright on a painting called beautiful, so I filed a civil lawsuit to assert my copyright in 2016. I think it was at that time I realized my career was over. I was disgusted with what had been done, something beautiful had been turned into something very ugly. I never continued to pursue the civil suit for infringement of my copyright it became a bit of a laughing stock and I had no energy to continue, the ugliness will always remain. I'm not sure I can make any change in this area, if people don't care, I can't make them. It did take all my inspiration to paint away though. Dont forget to visit my other website


In 2016/17 most of my artwork and my mothers artwork that I owned was stolen along with personal objects that have significant sentimental value. 
 Like the top of the desk my mother gave me before she died. She called it a gift of love. I'm sure the motive for the theft was more about ruining my life than the monetary value of some of the objects. To say the least, it left me feeling devastated, quite literally its like a grief, a loss I could never fully articulate, it was all reported to the police.  Some of the stolen work is registered with The Art Loss Register. 



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