In 2016 -17 the majority of my artwork was stolen, including frames.
Most in Quebec and some in Ontario, upward of 20 paintings, years of work and they have not yet been recovered. External link opens in new tab or window//
If anyone is to see any art painted by me and suspect it could be stolen report it to your police of jurisdiction so it's provenance can be authenticated.( signed statement by the artist or original receipt from artist. )
Artwork painted by my mom belonging to me was also stolen along with personal objects that have significant value.
Some historica for history buffs -External link opens in new tab or window//
 This theft has profoundly impacted my life - loss of enjoyment of life.
It doesn't matter why it happened  "Stealing from the past is destroying the future"
Some of the stolen artwork and objects are registered with External link opens in new tab or windowThe Art Loss Register