Paintings by Canadian Artist Shelley Leach

email - for pricing and information about painting availability, not all work is shown on this website.

My artwork is how I write my own story, a visual language of self expression,  my character, my personality. My individualism, my spirit, my personality, my world and my way of sharing that with you in a way of my choosing. Unfortunately due to COVID 19 and the current situation 2020 is not looking to be a promising year for showing my newly created artwork.

I don't and won't be posting any newly created artwork online until after it has been shown in a public space at least once or twice. All business are feeling the effects and I'm no exception. Most of my sales/income is derived though in person sales this is not a new concept and is the way business has been done for generations before the internet.

Currently you can find some of my original artwork for sale in the Brockville, Ontario area.  Find link here ShopBrockville.