Part of understanding and appreciating art is knowing something about the artist and where they came from. For my parents who believed in me were my moral support when pursuing my art career. So they are not forgotten, they certainly were not part of the mainstream and for that I am fortunate. My dad was – LGen ( Retired) Bill Leach  CMM CD 1942-2015. He served over 40 years in the Canadian forces, he was a Logistician who in 1997 became Chief of Landstaff of the Canadian Forces, he retired in the year 2000 at the age of 58. During and after retirement from the Private sector he committed himself to "volunteerism". He proudly served as Chairman of the board of the Museum of Canadian History until 2015. My mom was – Mary Louise ( O'Brien) Leach  1945-2003 she was a accomplished artist she inspired me to become an artist. In 1999 she founded the Canadian Miniature Society for International artists, she was a commissioned artist who chose to represent Military life from the home front her work is in National and International collections, including the RCGS, and Canadian War Museum.
In 2016 most of my artwork and my mothers artwork that I owned was stolen. I reported it to the police in 2016, and 17.  Yes I'm sure I did. I won't paint anymore since the theft of my work, the theft was one thing, then the response to the theft, my lifes work. To say the least, it made me feeling devastated, quite literally its like a grief, a loss I could never full articulate, I have lost people in my life, the grief for the loss of my art is by far equal to the loss of people I loved. As I said my art is deeply personal. Most of the art I have left I won't hang on the walls in my home, I can't look at it right now, it brings back the grief that no one took the loss of everything I worked for seriously, everything I worked hard to achieve my career, was invalidated. Similarly, a bruise gradually fades, but the memory remains. Some of the stolen work is registered with The Art Loss Register. 
                                                                      I worked very hard in my life to achieve something I was proud, then to to see it abused and exploited. I've never been a bystander to abuse and there's      not a lot I can do about exploitation, that's the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work or the act of using someone unfairly for your own advantage. All I know is it make me feel like I want to eat candy, but I'm trying to watch my waste line.

Shelley Leach ( me)with one of my  paintings before it was stole and sold in Quebec the week of November 16 2015 I  think



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